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Our Blinded By: long Varying lengths of teacup diamantes attached to a platinum silver charm bringing the dripping diamante jewellery trend from Ear to Hair!

The 'Blinded by' secure to your hair using KELA technology by a silver charm. Our charms are kind to your locks and won't rip or tear your hair. Most importantly they are easy to use and won't slip, giving you the confidence you need for a perfectly secure hair style for any occasion. 

Each Loop charm has been electroplated with Platinum Silver.  

* Premium Metal Finish
* Easy to style
* Presented in a beautiful ribbon cushioned box 
* Lightweight design

You will recieve one Blinded By piece complete with a loop charm in a KELA box. 
NOTE: Please store separately to other jewellery and avoid letting the charm rub against other charms or jewellery as the finish may get marked.



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