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The Ball Strands can be styled in so many ways; intertwined into an updo, weaved through a braid or worn mohawk style. Each strand comes with an additional charm that can be used to fix the Ball Strand into your hairstyle. the pearl balls will compliment any outfit. Pearls are timeless and for every occasion no matter the season. 

*Jewellers Wire 60cm 
*The charms are easy to open and close
*Presented in a beautiful cushioned box
*Lightweight Design
Pearl balls on jewellers wire, the KELA charms are electroplated with white silver
Your Ball Strand will be presented in a beautiful cushioned box, with an additional single KELA Charm, together with a KELA opening tool.
The KELA Ball Strands are secured to your hair with a charm that is kind to your locks and won’t rip or tear your hair. Most importantly, it’s really easy to use clipping in and staying put so you can have a confident hair day!
Note: Caring for your Ball Strands, please store separately to avoid tarnishing other jewellery and avoid letting the charm rub against other charms or jewellery as the finish on this charm may get marked.

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